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When it comes to processing we use traditional methods paired with modern sanitary practices to give you the best possible end product.  See below to learn more about our prices and our process for various types of meat. 

Beef Processing

Image by Joshua Kantarges

Custom Beef Processing Prices
Price/lb. Hanging Rail Weight

Minimum size of beef - 1000 lb. live weight
Maximum size of beef - 1900 lb. live weight
$40 kill fee per head
$0.85 for beef over 500 lb. rail weight
$0.95 for beef under 500 lb. rail weight
Minimum weight charge is 425 lb. for beef.

(If the beef weighs less than 425lb on rail,

we will charge for 425 lb. to cover our costs.)

The Artisan Style of Beef Processing

We use the traditional method to process meat rather than the automated
commercial processing method. There are two methods of aging beef- wet aging and dry aging. Commercial packing plants use the wet aging method. In this method the beef are slaughtered and within a few days they are processed and packaged but not frozen until the wet aging process is completed. It is a faster way of aging, but faster is not always better. All beef that we process are dry aged. Dry aging beef is nothing new; in fact, history shows that it dates to the medieval era.

The Science Behind Dry Aging

When meat is exposed to air, moisture is pulled out of the meat. As the beef dry
ages in the cooler, the natural enzymes in the meat break down the collagen and the connective tissues in the muscles, making it more tender. This chemical
breakdown of proteins and fats give the meat a more intense nutty and beefy
flavor. As the aging process continues, juices are reabsorbed into the meat which
helps to keep the meat moist and flavorful.

Our Process

All custom processed beef must be scheduled. We slaughter Tuesdays and
Thursdays. Give us a call to get a slaughter date. We ask that the beef be
delivered to our shop from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm the afternoon prior to the
slaughter date. This gives the beef time to get relaxed and accustomed to its
surroundings. We treat all animals with respect and handle them humanely.
After the beef is slaughtered, the carcass hangs in a large cooler for approximately 10-14 days at 35*F with lots of air movement. During this time the beef loses about 3% of its moisture. This is normal and is part of the dry aging process.

Our team of experienced butchers will cut your beef to your custom order. All
cuts will be vacuum packaged and labeled with the description of the cut, weight and date of packaging. The ground beef will be in shirred casing filled under vacuum pressure. We can package hamburger in 1 lb. or 2 lb. sizes.

All meat will be fully frozen before pickup. Due to limited freezer space, we
appreciate prompt pickup. Bring your own coolers or boxes to transport the
meat. You will need approximately 175-200 quarts cooler space for an average ½
beef and approximately 325-375 quarts for a whole beef.

Pork Processing

bundle 2.jpg
Image by Jonathan Daniels
Image by Andrew Molyneaux

Custom Pork Processing Prices

Minimum size of pork – 150 lb. rail weight
$20 kill fee per head
$0.85/lb. hanging rail weight
Minimum Weight charge is 150 lb.

(If the hog weighs less than 150 lb. on the rail, we will charge
for 150 lb. to cover our cost.)
All smoked products and sausages are charged finish product weight.
Cured and smoked ham $1.85 lb. Bratwurst Links 20 lb. minimum
Cured and smoked bacon $1.95 lb. Original $2.25 lb.
Sliced fresh pork belly $1.85 lb. Cheddar $3.25 lb.
Jalapeno & Cheddar $3.75 lb.

Our Process

Our cured and smoked hams are injected with Brown Sugar Cure. After several days of curing,
we smoke them with hickory smoke for 12-16 hours. Once the hams have cooled down, we can
cut them in 1/2’s or 1/3’s or we can slice them, your preference.
We rub the pork bellies with Blue Ribbon Maple Cure. After several days of curing, we smoke
them with hickory smoke for 5-8 hours. After the bacons have cooled down, we slice the bacon
or we can leave it whole slab, your preference. Due to the fact that our customers love our
bacon, we make a lot of it!

All custom processed hogs must be scheduled. We slaughter hogs on Tuesdays, give us a call
and we can put you on the schedule. We ask that the hogs be delivered between 1:00pm-
5:00pm the afternoon prior to the slaughter. This gives the hogs more time to adjust to its
surroundings. We practice humane handling for all animals.

After the hog is slaughtered we allow the carcass to chill before processing. After the carcass is
chilled, our team of experienced butchers will break down the carcass into the different cuts for
your custom order. The hams go into the Brown Sugar Brine or can processed fresh. And the
pork bellies get rubbed with Blue Ribbon Cure or we can process these fresh as well. All the
cuts and linked sausages will be vacuum sealed, the bulk sausages will be in shirred casing filled under vacuum pressure. For better quality all meat will be frozen before pickup. Due to limited freezer space, we appreciate prompt pickup after you are notified. Bring your coolers or boxes to transport the meat. You will need about 150 quarts of cooler space for a whole hog.

Deer Processing


2023-2024 Deer Season

We will be accepting deer. Oct. 21-Dec 9.  Limited Space! Call for availibility. 


Resaca Meat Processing is excited to again provide custom deer processing to our local hunters. We offer everything from basic cuts to smokehouse products such as hot dogs, summer sausage, and snack sticks. We are committed to do our best in turning your trophy into high quality products. For all basic cuts, you will receive your own meat back.  For more information and pricing please click the button below to visit our Deer Processing page.

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